We wish to acquire profitable businesses and build them into world-class companies, while bringing full or partial liquidity to business owners. We allow owners to transition away from management or to continue to manage the company, depending on the need of the business. We prefer companies with revenues from $5 - $50 million having a strong customer base with good prospects for growth and/or making niche products. We focus primarily in the Carolinas, but we are also interested in businesses in the entire Southeast. 

GreenHawk has professionals who are experienced investors as well as seasoned operating managers. We bring a unique blend of strategic and financial expertise as well as an understanding and appreciation of the day-to-day complexities of managing a business. A good testimonial to this fact is the growth story of Sigma Electric Mfg. Corporation. It is a business that the GreenHawk CEO started in 1981 and eventually sold a majority stake to Goldman Sachs in 2007. Visit www.sigmaelectric.com to learn more about what Sigma does today.